by Aaron K.

Maturity does not come with age but begins with the acceptance of responsibility. -Treasure by Edwin Cole

A fool mistakes age for level of maturity. For maturity is a fruitful by product not of one’s age, but of one’s ability to take responsibilty for their life. I have experienced mature fourteen year olds that seem advanced beyond their years, while I have also encountered many adults who quickly reveal themselves to be immature kids trapped in an aging body.

Action. My sons, maturity begins the moment you take responsibility for your life. The wise godly man is mature beyond his years for he knows he is a steward called by God to faithfulness in all areas of his life and responsible for the fruit his life bears. The sooner you can take responsibilty for your actions and their results the more blessed you’ll be in life. Add life experience (which can only be rushed so much) with maturity and you’ll have one powerful combination for ever expanding effectiveness and influence in life.

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