Things Unknown… 11.15.13

by Aaron K.

"Though it be a maxim in schools that there is no Love of a thing unknown, yet I have found that things unknown have a secret influence on the soul, and like the center of the earth unseen violently attract it. We love we know not what, and therefore everything allures us. As iron at a distance is drawn by the loadstone, there being some invisible communications between them, so is there in us a world of Love to somewhat, though we know not what in the world that should be. There are invisible ways of conveyance by which some great thing doth touch our souls, and by which we tend to it. Do you not feel yourself drawn with the expectation and desire of some Great Thing?" -Thomas Traherne

Life has so many invisible means of conveyance by which God’s existence, Creation and Design truly touch and encounter our souls. We may not know it at the time or recognize them as Divine, but everyone has common moments when life suddenly experiences deeper than what we see or know. Action. My sons, God in His infitite wisdom reveals himself endlessly through seemingly secret influences on the soul. All our longings, passions, desires, cravings are all designed to deepen the knowledge and presence of God while confirming the existence of a perfect eternal home. A wise man is self-aware that his sinful tendency to know not, or forget what he Loves…is the root cause for his soul’s restlessness and everything else to be so alluring to him.

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