Quality over quantity. 11.4.13

by Aaron K.

Quantity of what we know is not of ultimate importance. What matters is quality of what we know. The quality of our knowledge is at the heart of wisdom. -Simmons, True Measure of a Man

Modern day life has no shortage of information. In fact I would go as far to say that the modern day wise man does seeks not to absorb vast quantities of information but rather quite the opposite, instead skillfully sifts through an over informed world identifying key foundational Truths and Knowledge while seeking to better improve its quality and application in his life. Man is largely over informed and has been become docile and ineffective in the face of so much information. The modern wise man has the ability to make the complex simple and easy to understand for himself and others.

Action. My sons, the quality of our knowledge is at the heart of wisdom. Be still and refuse to chase things that appear novel and new. There is nothing new under the sun as information is often repackaged to appear fresh, yet its core principles remain the same. Your effectiveness in life will come in your ability to master and apply very simple principles day in day out until they become apart of who you are. Quality over quantity is key and true Understanding always reveals itself in life Application.

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