Blessedness. 10.14.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Blessedness. 10.14.13

Blessedness, not material possessions, is the measure of right thought; wretchedness, not lack of material possessions, is the measure of wrong thought. A man may be cursed and rich; he may be blessed and poor. Blessedness and riches are only joined together when the riches are rightly and wisely used; and the poor man only descends into wretchedness when he regards his lot as a burden unjustly imposed. – As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.

Blessed living has nothing to do with circumstances and everything to do our measure of right thinking. For one man, an increase in material position in life functions as a curse for another a blessing; for one…his increased position in the world retards the heart causing it to function more like a beast and for another the increased state brings out the divine character of God.

Action. My sons, through the strength of the Holy Spirit, mans ability to anchor and govern his thought life to the Truth of Gods Word is the true determiner of his or her blessedness and joy in life. Our mind and heart easily wander without firm direction. A strong godly man makes the life choice to renew his mind daily with Gods Word and remains firm in its small corrections throughout the day. Replacing error with truth is a simple daily discipline of the Christian man and the key to a blessed joy filled life.