Better one handful of quietness. 7.18.2013

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Better one handful of quietness. 7.18.2013

"Better to have one handful with quietness than two handfuls with hard work and chasing the wind." -Ecclesiastes 4:6 NLT

There is a point in our individual work lives when our desire to make a name for ourselves, i.e. ‘be like God’…pushes us well beyond our God ordained capacities. There are of course seasons of pushing hard in which our rate and pace can push us to the brink for long periods of time, yet it is here one must ask; is this in fact just a season or my new normal. Our greed, insecurities, selfish ambition and pride can cause us to frantically chase a "two handful" return without a blessed condition of heart, when God so richly provides a gracious "one handful" return with quietness of soul and overflowing joy and satisfaction experienced with the fruits of the spirit. Action. My sons, redeeming and renewing your drive in life is tricky at best. For your motive determines everything. It manifests itself differently for each person and cannot be evaluated by comparison, but must daily be assessed by prayerfully asking yourself why? Why am I working so hard? What is the source of my drive? Why am I putting off so much enjoyment today? Be self aware, when rate and pace frantically increase, while the fruits of the spirit rapidly decrease in our lives…this should be a red flag that are pride may be causing us to exceed God’s ordained capacities for our life. Far better to be a blessed man with a one handful return in life, than an addicted cursed man forever chasing the wind of a two handful return. For this is exactly what God means when he poses the question…what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but loose his soul in the process.