discerning the idols of our culture. 6.19.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

discerning the idols of our culture. 6.19.13

"Christians seeking to work faithfully and well must discern the shape and the idols functioning in their professions and industries so as to both affirm the beneficial aspects and offset the excesses and distortions." – Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller

It is not a question if the idols exist in individual professions and industries, but how, where and when they reveal themselves. Much like the the kaleidoscope of sin that exists in our human heart, every corporate culture tends to overemphasizes and absolutizes their admirable cultural traits. Spend time in any city, company or industry and one can begin to see the underlying currents and pecking order of traits and idols. Action. My sons, the wise, godly man is not a perfect man. He goes through seasons of clarity and distraction like everyone. One thing he is though…is faithful. Faithful to the process of Godliness letting God’s word daily redeem, renew and form his broken heart. This wise man is a prudent observer of his environment and culture, continueasly holding its behavior true to the plumb line of God’s word and Gospel truth seeking to affirm and advance its unique benefits while redeeming and offsetting its excesses and distortions. Faithful men transform culture.