What's the aim? 1.17.12 & 4.23.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

What’s the aim? 1.17.12 & 4.23.13

"…for life always follows the aim, we always take the direction of our life purpose." -Orison Sweet Marden

Strong and formitable is the man who knows why God has him here? Who knows how he has been uniquely created and who knows the responsibilities he has been given. The world steps aside for the man that knows why he is doing what he is doing? Sadly, weak…ineffective men struggle for they have no aim, no direction to pursue…no purpose. Much like a sailor who doesn’t know where he is going…any wind becomes the wrong wind. So, What’s the aim? Action. My sons, know and discover your God given responsibilities and purposes in life! The sooner in life you can do this…the better. Most men share the same realms in life…God, family, friends, health, calling (work), money, ministry. Take time before its too late…understanding God’s design and man’s sovereign responsibility in each of these relms. Only then will you identify the proper aim and direction by which to set the coordinates for your life.