Behavior evidences true values. 4.16.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Behavior evidences true values. 4.16.13

To understand a company’s strategy, look at what they actually do and not what they say they’ll do. -Andy Grove

"To understand a person’s heart and values, look at what they actually do and not what they say they’ll do. For behavior always proves more expensive than speech, spending finite resources in the direction most consistent with our values." -ak

We are people perpetually deceived by our own good intentions. Author Clayton Christenson states it well in his book "How Will You Measure Your Life" describing how we use our resources of time, energy, talent and wealth to grow many "businesses" in life. These include a having a rewarding relationship with our spouse, raising great kids, succeeding in a career, contributing to our church or community, etc. Problems arise as our resources are finite and these businesses compete for them. He describes the great danger for high-achievers is that they’ll unconsciously invest their finite resources in activities that provide most immediate, tangible accomplishments. This most commonly being their career, which gives most concrete evidence they are moving forward in life. Things like raising good kids, which often take decades to see a return get pushed aside. He states you often see the same sobering pattern in highly ambitious people, though they may believe and say their family is deeply important to them, they’ll actually allocate fewer and fewer resources to those things they say matter most. Action. My sons, observe life and human behavior letting it impart to you divine wisdom. We are a people so easily deceived by our own good intentions. Daily direct and allocate your resources according to God’s value system for a man’s life, not the worlds. This will be very hard for the world will esteem you for the later but the Creator God and those closest to you will love and respect you for the earlier. Don’t ever be deceived by your own good intentions…your behavior will always give evidence of your true heart and values.