Arsonists of the heart. 4.3.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Arsonists of the heart. 4.3.13

“They [the Pharisees] were blinded by their pride—their love of approval. They were not worshipping God but rather their own desires for esteem. They thought they could see the sin in others, but they couldn’t see the sin and darkness in their own hearts. Proud people are often so focused on the external sins in others that they can’t see the attitudes that generate the external sins they hold in such contempt. They spend most of their time trying to put out small fires of sin on the surface of their lives while being totally unaware that there are shrewd and significant arsonists in their hearts setting new fires faster than the existing ones can be extinguished.” – Lou Priolo, Pleasing People

So true, we all have shrewd and significant arsonists setting new fires in our hearts faster than the existing ones can be extinguished. People pleasing and approval of man is deep, deceptive and far more destructive than we give it credit for…for it pulls our attention in the wrong direction esteeming appearance over heart. Action. My sons, each day must begin at the foot of cross with the understanding that we are all sinners desperately in need of Savior. Our maturity as godly men happens at the heart, not in perfect appearance before man. Authentic men know they have shrewd and significant arsonists of the heart, so they daily assess and focus their growth there. The blessed, humble man exudes authenticity, for he lives continually from the common ground of a fallen sinner redeemed by a most wonderful Savior. Pursue being this type of man!