Ever-expanding horizons. 3.28.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Ever-expanding horizons. 3.28.13

"Horizon’s expand the more we pray, as low expectations in life are by products of our prayerlessness. -ak

Men of true faith are men of far, ever expanding horizons. As their lives are always characterized by high expectations seeing all things in light God’s active presence. As prayer fades from our daily living, life quickly begins shrinking to the limited size of our finite, human perspective. Pretty soon we find ourselves living in a small, comfortable, safe box…pursuing little and expecting little. Action. My sons, make it a main desire in life to actually see God. Keep high expectations, daily living beyond your own understanding desiring to deepen your faith through experiencing the bigness and faithfulness of God. Prayer is everything…pulling our eyes above the clouds, where horizon’s run far and God is ever present and active. In life, if you understand that God designed prayer as a means of adjusting perspective, you’ll be a blessed man.