Healthy habits for living. 3.27.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Healthy habits for living. 3.27.13

"Be a man who daily pursues being healthy, fit and energetic long into old age…for our energy level is one of the primary agents that define the quality and depth of our faithful engagement in life." -ak

It is amazing how God designs the human body for it is the only machine that will actually break down if never used. Like any created machine both the quality of the movement and the fuel define the output. Healthy habits…both exercise and nutrition are everything in life, being a primary factor in defining a man’s degree of effectiveness and quality of engagement in life. Action. My sons, your health, both nutrition and exercise is all about maximizing your energy levels in life. God gives faithful men ever increasing loads of responsibility to carry in life, so you have to physically grow stronger and engage well or you’ll breakdown. Health is a matter of faithfulness fully defining our quality of life. Daily build simple healthy habits and you’ll be a blessed, energetic man.