Uncontrolled anger labels the fool. 3.25.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Uncontrolled anger labels the fool. 3.25.13

Control your temper,

for anger labels you a fool. (Ecclesiastes 7:9 NLT)

Many times in life, fresh wisdom and insight comes when viewing a common thing in a new uncommon way. Having three little boys, I find myself responding firmly when I see them act out in uncontrolled anger…trying to explain to them the importance of maintaining self control in life. Yet, I honestly often wonder why. Why is it so important to control our temper? Spiritually speaking, why does God care about blowing off a little steam. This verse is great revealing the truth that uncontrolled anger is really labeling us a fool, revealing character that is lacking judgement, sense and understanding. Action. My sons, know that our actions in life are always revealing our character…uncontrolled anger being just one of them. View uncontrolled anger for what it is…a sign of immaturity. Strong, godly men are not perfect robots by any means, yet they are redeemed men who are growing…improving reflections of the character of God, leading the environments around them with wisdom and self-control. Self control will be a primary need as you seek to lead well for it will ultimately be your character that invokes the trust and dependability in those around you. Pursue this in life and you’ll be a blessed man.