Complainers and worshipers. 3.21.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Complainers and worshipers. 3.21.13

"There are basically two types if people in the world: complainers and worshipers. And there isn’t much circumstantial difference between the two. Complainers will always find something to complain about. Worshipers will always find something to praise God about. They simply have different default settings." -Mark Batterson

Worship is the process by which we shift our focus from all that is wrong with us and remember all that is right about God. The mature Christian man through Gods grace and intentionality of renewing and redeeming his thought-life adjusts his default setting in life. For the godly man, circumstances good or bad by default trigger prayer and worship…brining the sweet fruit of wisdom…seeing life’s events from Gods eyes. Action. My sons, perspective is everything…maturity, consistency, godliness and faithfulness are the fruits of a redeemed mind and thought-life. Be firm with your thoughts…preaching to yourself continually what’s right and true about God. That’s where excellent, faithful men focus. Head knowledge will prove worthless till it is actively applied realtime in the daily details of life. Pursue this and you’ll find yourself a blessed man.