All it takes is situation and season. 3.20.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

All it takes is situation and season. 3.20.13

"God in His sovereign wisdom divinely ordains new unique situations and everchanging seasons of life to be the continual refining revealer of the endless facets and depths of sin in our hearts." -ak

Pride is the most dangerous condition for our heart for it is a fully blind state…unaware of our fleshes natural self-deceived state. For example, a proud man is evidenced by his critical spirit of others, either by spoken word or thought, as though he is unaffected by a sin like greed. Yet place a large sum of money in his bank account and the sin he thought never existed suddenly begins revealing itself. Or take a man who arrogantly wonders how adultery can ever happen in the life of a Christian…Yet place a physically and emotionally attractive woman alone with him during a dry season of married life and suddenly the sin he never thought existed begins revealing itself. Even though we are unaware, the sin is always present…it is just the situation or season that brings it to the surface. Action. My sons, a godly man is never above the fall with any sin, knowing all it takes is the right mix of situation and season of life to reveal the sin that already exists in the heart. The blessed man finds rest in the gospel…knowing faithfullness, not perfection is the goal, daily pursueing the cultivation of an authentic, humble heart, one that esteems and pursues wisdom found in the teachability of life. Seek hard after this and you’ll find yourself a blessed man.