Complaining is like smoke. 3.19.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Complaining is like smoke. 3.19.13

"Complaining is like smoke. Smoke proves there is a fire somewhere and complaining proves that discontentment is near by." -Stephen Altrogge,The Greener Grass Conspiracy.

God hates complaining. It functions as a heavenly jab…a physical statement derived from an ungrateful heart as a spoiled child that publicly proclaims our perception of God’s insufficiency, inability and unwillingness as a loving provider. Complaining is simply the evidence of discontent, ungrateful heart. Action. My sons, listen well to the words you speak for they will always give evidence of the condition of the heart. Our speech can be a great teacher of what’s really going on in our deceptive heart…if we listen. A blessed man mentally makes the decision in advance refusing to complain…knowing it feeds discontentment. Instead he daily proactively seeks to nourish gratitude…saying thank you often…knowing that is where the path to the priceless treasure of deep, authentic contentment and joy is found. Seek this and you’ll find yourself a blessed man.