Leadership disease. 11.15.11 & 10.19.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Leadership disease. 11.15.11 & 10.19.12

"But the power that CEOs wield allows them to create a world that caters night and day to their need for validation. It allows them to surround themselves only with the good news of their perfection and the company’s success, no matter what the warning signs may be. This, as you may recall, is CEO disease and a peril of the fixed mindset…

The minute a leader allows himself to become the primary reality people worry about, rather than reality being the primary reality, you have a recipe for mediocrity, or worse.” -Mindset by Carol Dweck

As levels of leadership increase, access to the truths of reality easily decrease. Why is that? People have an engrained desire to please others, especially when it comes to a superior or company leader. Insecurities of the leader get exposed quickly for they long to be validated also. They say they want reality, yet deep down inside they savor and enjoy a culture of continual approval. What you get is an environment no longer made up of reality; surrounded by ‘yes’ men…a culture starts creating and believing in its own reality. Having this become a foundation for decision making is catastrophic both in life and business. Action. My sons, good godly men/leaders are responsible for the environments they foster around themselves. They should want to be challenged to grow, seeking out feedback, criticism and reality checks constantly…cultivating an environment that seeks out todays reality. Be secure in who you are before God, not seeking or being driven by the need for constant validation from others…for it can be dangerous when the time comes to lead well, making hard decisions that require access to true reality.