Unknown gazes of loving father. 10.1.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Unknown gazes of loving father. 10.1.12

"I love watching my kids when they don’t know I am watching, seeing them interact and laugh with world around them…" -ak

This hit me again last night as I watched Austin, unknown to him…read a book to his friends (stuffed animals) in his room. My heart overflowed with such great joy just watching him…and yet there was nothing he was doing to earn it. It made me think…can moments like this be divine glimpses of how God truly feels watching his kids on earth. Perhaps it’s a stretch or perhaps not! I always think God finds pleasure only when I am proactively do something for Him…never thinking of the countless moments He might just enjoy watching me live and experience life. Eating, sleeping, laughing and working…whatever it may be. Action. My sons, being Christian means we have a true living relationship with a perfect Heavenly Father who created us all uniquely and finds unending joy in our simple daily doings. Connecting these dots can change a life, for we begin to see how his love truly is unconditional and His pleasure and joy capable of being received and experienced in the smallest details our day.