Imperatives of the Christian life. 9.26.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Imperatives of the Christian life. 9.26.12

"The imperatives of the Christian life always begin with ‘therefore’…" -Tom Shrader, message on 1 Peter

Why do we do what we do? In all seriousness…it is so easy in our Christian bubbles to isolate and focus on behavior loosing complete context for why it is that we are called to live a certain way. For the Christian, God has redeem and restored a life which is broken making again possible His originally intended design. Man is given a new heart and new life and with the Holy Spirit now has a greater power at work in their life than it’s old ruling master, sin. Because of this new found freedom and Good News, we therefore willingly pursue certain imperatives of the excellent Christian life. Discipline, sober mindedness, loving speech, generosity, patience, etc…You name it. Action. My sons, because we have been redeemed at great cost by God in Christ, we therefore willingly pursue and subject ourselves to certain disciplines and imperatives of honorable godly behavior in pursuit of ‘a greater joy’. We seek to daily bring our sinful flesh into submission of the will of God for His pleasure and, in all reality, our greatest well-being as defined by our Creator. The true abundant life is rooted in God’s original design for man, ‘Therefore’ in life daily pursue the imperatives of the excellent Christian life.