Leisure; glorious opportunity or subtle danger. 9.12.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Leisure; glorious opportunity or subtle danger. 9.12.12

"The character and career of a young person depends how he or she spends spare time…The way we employ the surplus hours after provision has been made for work, meals, and sleep will determine if we develope into mediocre or powerful people. Leisure is a glorious opportunity and subtle danger." -J. Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Leadership

The employment of surplus hours really does define our lives and the legacy we leave behind. We are so easily deceived and deluded by our good intentions. So much so that we really, truely think we are advancing in our desired, honorable aims, yet any outsider could quickly observe the degree of our dillusion. A man that desires to be godly, yet spends no time in the Word, doesn’t attend church and has zero fellowship with other believers…is no more a God fearing man, than a rock that thinks its an airplane. It ain’t happening…2+2 does not equal 5. Action. My sons, take the cross-section of a typical day of any man’s life and if left unaltered you can point to exactly where they’ll end up. Its God’s design of choices-reaping what we sow…becoming how we spend our time. So in divine wisdom, invest your life don’t just aimlessly spend it. Prayerfully identify the man God has called you to be, reverse engineering your choices and habits, seeking to invest time in those things that functionally lead you in those God honoring, desired aims.