Well-ordered mind. 9.11.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Well-ordered mind. 9.11.12

"As to behavior, the leader must be respectable. A well-ordered life is the fruit of a well-ordered mind. The life of a leader should reflect the beauty and orderliness of God." -J. Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Leadership.

The quiet simple details of our lives often speak the loudest in inspiring or eroding confidence and respect of those around us. A leader by definition inspires and influences others to a directed purpose, while in doing so invoking respect and confidence in those who follow. Respect is a fruitful by product of a well-ordered mind which manifests itself in a well-ordered life. The slothful man appears lazy only in action, yet he is really a slave to a slothful thought life which inordinently desires ease and comfort. The gluttonous man appears insatiable only in action, yet really suffers horribly from a gluttonous thought-life which seeks lasting joy in fleeting fancies. You name it, each functional manifestation of disorder in our lives spring from an unredeemed, broken thought-life. Action. My sons, in life a man grows as a leader as he daily works to redeem and restore his thought-life…working to bring divine, true thinking to a world broken by the effects of sin. Desire to live a life that reflects the beauty and order of God, quietly instilling and anchoring respect, confidence and trust in those around you.