Rest vs Leisure. 7.1.11 & 8.22.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Rest vs Leisure. 7.1.11 & 8.22.12

Rest is restoration from the effects of a productive lifestyle sufficient to put the worker back into the work. Leisure is the conscious development of an escape from work, practiced part-time through most of life, with a goal of becoming full-time as soon as possible.

Rest and leisure is a big topic for a young man to come to a correct understanding of. For a misunderstanding of Gods intended design of rest could completely derail a mans life… leaving him an ineffective, unfaithful steward. The above mentioned, that for a vast majority of workers…they idolize leisure hoping to escape work more and more as life goes on…one day reaching retirement and escaping work full-time. What man forgets is that God never designed man to retire and stop being faithfully engaged in life. God designed man to a life work, daily putting forth effort….when he does not work he gets into trouble. Rest is specifically designed by God to restore a man so he can more effectively work, being more fully engaged in all the God-ordained roles for his life. Rest was never designed to be the goal in and of itself. Actions. My sons, be disciplined and intentional with rest…putting boundaries on it’s duration and frequency. Our flesh defaults to it and it can quickly become an insatiable black hole that can erode a man’s life. Many times…the greater the work…the sweeter the rest. The blessed man enjoys both the sweetness of effort and rest knowing they go hand in hand reflecting God’s intended design and balance in both.