Redeem relationships. 7.5.11 & 8.15.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Redeem relationships. 7.5.11 & 8.15.12

What a great thing it would be if we could learn always to think of ourselves, or of others when we are talking with or about them, as the image and likeness of perfection, instead of as the weak, the debauched image, the mere burlesque of the man God made! One reason why some clergymen have been able to revolutionize so many lives is because they looked to the God-side of people, and hence, no matter how low they had fallen, saw hope for them. However blurred it seemed, they could see the God-image beneath. No one can help another very much when he sees in him a hopeless picture. On the other hand, you can help a person do almost anything when you show him possibilities and make him believe in himself. – Orison Marden

If the over arching goal of the believers life is to work to redeem and restore all areas of life, so that they function more how God created and intended them to…then the same goal should apply as we interact with people. Imagine if a person cultivated the habit of seeing every human being as a unique child of God…choosing during the interaction to speak to and shed light on the God side of the person. Jesus saw the redeemed image of the woman at well, treating her not as her actions warranted, but instead engaging her and giving her hope based on her being a child of God. Action. My sons, make it a goal in life to be Gods voice of hope and encouragement in all relationships around you. Cultivate the habit of encouraging and speaking to each individuals unique strengths and gifts…working hard to treat each human based on how God sees them.