The drive to excel. 4.21.11 & 6.3.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

The drive to excel. 4.21.11 & 6.3.12

Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors. But this, too, is meaningless—like chasing the wind. Ecclesiastes 4:4

The age of envy is alive and well permeating all levels of society for the wealthy and poor alike. What drives people as they get up each day and go to work. Wether it is the poor kid envying his friends new air Jordan shoes or the wealthy business man envying his friends new car….we live in a culture that is stimulated and driven by the pride of life. It is what it is and we can’t escape it…pride follows us everywhere. Stewardship should be our motivating factor in work, taking responsibility for what has been given to us, desiring to maximize Gods return on His investment in us. Action. My sons, every idea, skill and resource is provided by God and to be used in honoring Him. Seek to be faithful in every area of your life stewarding all that He gives and you’ll exerience the sweet blessing of satisfaction and contentment in your life’s work.