Freedom and boldness. 8.14.11 & 7.25.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Freedom and boldness. 8.14.11 & 7.25.12

"Eternal security, coupled with confidence that a sovereign and good God controls the future and all it’s contingencies, gives humans freedom and boldness to invest, take risks, store, invent and produce….The Christian is liberated from paralysis that so often prevents one from building a better future." -Hall & Burton, Calvin and Commerce

Our faith and trust in a sovereign and good God, should liberate us to advance progressively and productively through life with great boldness and confidence. Yet it often appears more common that Gods sovereignty subconsciously functions more like an obstacle. Why bother growing and advancing, when status quo feels so good and so comfortable. Comfort and ease has enslaved us, becoming our new idol…citing Gods sovereignty as support for our lack of action rather than our liberating force for industry and advancement. Action. My sons, God will hold you accountable for how you have managed what you were given. Know that He is fully sovereign and fully good…with your enjoyment of life being tied solely to Him, not your circumstances. So be free to take risks, store, invent, and produce; adding value to Gods world by building a better future.