Cycles are an economic reality. 8.12.11 & 7.24.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Cycles are an economic reality. 8.12.11 & 7.24.12

"In many ways the business cycle is symbolic of this act of sanctification. There is excesses (sin) and poor allocations that cause a down cycle. During a down cycle, capital is reallocated, thinking and behavior are changed, new focus is brought, discipline is strengthened, scarce capital is recognized, structural changes may be made (new laws), and core incompetence is identified and focused upon anew…Regardless, cycles are a fact of reality, and their ill effects can be soothed partially by proper planning." -Hall and Burton, Calvin and Commerce

Gods design of the economic system is truly amazing. For it follows similar cycles as our personal sanctification; sin, correction, repentance and change. Fallen man’s sinful nature driving market cycles…greed driving it up and fear driving it down. A wise man, like Joseph, knows what market he is in. Knowing when it is a good time to be aggressive stretching to take risks and when it is good to be defensive saving for the down cycle. Action. My sons, be a seller in good markets and an aggressive buyer in the bad markets…planning well. Cycles are a fact of life so be wise and properly prepare for them.