Redeem and restore. 7.18.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Redeem and restore. 7.18.12

"A faithful embodiment of the gospel in our own cultural settings demands that we discern between the creational structure and design in all things and the religious misdirection and rebellion that pervert God’s good world." -Living at the Crossroads by Goheen & Barholomew

What is the purpose of a Christian’s life? Glorify God…great! Got it…right answer, but what does that practically look like day in day out. What is our playing field? What is the cosmic end of God’s plan? Where are we at in the Gospel story? What are the marching orders? How do we know what defines faithful? Macro, big picture, biblical context is so desperately needed to understand the proper direction and purpose for the Christian life as designed by God. The active daily process of glorifying God pushes back the effects of the Fall (sin), working to redeem and restore all facets of life to look and function more like how God originally designed and created them to. Action. My sons, this is why we exist…our life purpose. The grand story is not about us. We the supporting cast highlighting the main character; God. True authentic life purpose and passion is found in this missional and worldview alignment. Each day keep it simple in your mind: redeem & restore. Our purpose is to daily work to redeem and restore our relationships, our families, our attitude, our work culture, our work quality, our thoughts, our heart motives, our speech, our health, etc…so people can see Jesus-God’s presence in our life. Our lives will give brief glimpses and evidence of His original design of how life was created and intended to function…ultimately glorifying Him.

Oh and by the way, just to be real…in the first two minutes of today, I unfairly let my anger get the best of me spanking you more out my impatience and immaturity than your minor act of disobedience. I do apologize, for I am the first to fail here and confess the hypocrite in even writing this to you today. Please know this is the desired aim… and it frustrates me greatly how much I miss on this throughout each day. There is great rest in our need for a Savior, knowing this side of heaven we will never be perfect, although improving and advancing as God daily works out His salvation in our lives.