Excellence & Satisfaction. 7.5.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Excellence & Satisfaction. 7.5.12

"Excellence involves the quality of the work, the attitude by which it is done, the intent by which that work is performed–whether it’s purely selfish motivation or for others–and the legitimacy of the work…Going to work each day out of strictly selfish motivation leaves man unsatisfied." -10 Passions of a Man’s Soul by Mark Elfstrand

Work and really all of life for that matter has meaning, purpose and satisfaction when done with a heart focused on others. Selfishness erodes satisfaction quickly. Why are the best and brightest of our day so often disenchanted and unsatisfied as they excell in life? As a man excells he becomes the center of his own world with others catering to his every need. Man becomes the object of others service, leaving little room for him to be the servant. States like this can easily deceive and deteriorate a Christ-like heart. Action. My sons, seasons of dryness and unsatification come and go this side of heaven. Search your heart and most likely you’ll see these seasons coinciding with seasons of increased selfishness. Satisfaction, joy and blessing are founding in the loosing of self…both in action and heart. Prayerfully seek to align your purpose each day around blessing and serving others…and you’ll soon see motivation, satisfaction, meaning and purpose begin to reappear, breathing fresh breath into life…this is the blessed abundant life God speaks of for his kids.