Principle of habit. 1.12.11 & 7.2.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Principle of habit. 1.12.11 & 7.2.12

"Habit binds us; habit sets us free. Habit is primarily in thought, secondarily in deed. Turn the thought from bad to good, and the deed will immediately follow. Persist in the bad, and it will bind you tighter and tighter; persist in the good, and it will take you into ever-widening spheres of freedom. He who loves his bondage, let him remain bound. He who thirsts for freedom, let him come and be set free." – James Allen

Habit is a God ordained principle of life…much like gravity. We do not get to decide whether or not we subject ourselves to the laws of gravity…for it is a divine constant. The principle of habit functions the same, deny it all we want, but habits are forming and compounding daily-good or bad, whether we like it or not. What is amazing, is God designed us and habits, through discipline to be tools of freedom and blessing…yet we respond as though they are horrible burdens and joy stealers. Bad habits of thought and action, being short term pleasure fixes with longterm bondage and death…while good habits of thought and action seem difficult and void of joy at first, yet quickly give way to long term blessing and freedom. Action. My son, who you become as a man will be the direct result of your habits of thought and action…as goes your mind, so goes your life; so hold fast in forming good habits they are the means to an abundant blessed life.