Idols and their cost. 6.10.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Idols and their cost. 6.10.12

Instead, they mingled among the pagans
and adopted their evil customs.
They worshiped their idols,
which led to their downfall.
They even sacrificed their sons
and their daughters to the demons.
They defiled themselves by their evil deeds,
and their love of idols was adultery in the Lord ‘s sight. (Psalm 106:35-37, 39 NLT)

Mingling with pagans, worshipping idols, sacrificing sons and spiritual adultery…seem like harsh terms of a former world that doesn’t exist today. I mean who sacrifices their sons and daughters because of idol worship. Although we may not physically sacrifice family and relationships, we functionally do the same thing today that Gods people did thousands of years ago. The idols of our culture mingle with our affection for God as we adopt their evil customs, we sacrifice family and relationships on the alter of our selfish pursuits…functionally committing the same spiritual adultery that we read about in the past. Action. My sons, idols always exist in our hearts many times being completely unrecognizable to us. Whether we acknowledge them or not, we are sacrificing much and the high cost is being paid out in our daily actions. Know always, this is a life-long fight with the idols our heart…one which is never perfected and always changing. The success is in being faithfully engaged in the process…identifying, acknowledging, turning from and pursuing God. Simply be aware daily of…what upsets you, what invokes pride, what stirs up envy, what erodes contentment, etc…whatever derails the fruits of the spirit in our lives are exposing the various idols of our heart. Seek to do this and you will be a blessed man.