Dad’s prayers were different. 6.9.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Dad’s prayers were different. 6.9.12

"As a child I watched with fascination as my dad prayed in church. His prayers were different from so many others. They were real. He seemed to believe he was really talking to someone. That made an enduring impression on me. I didn’t want to settle for shallow pleasure when contact with God was possible. I could imagine reality because I tasted it in Dad’s relationship with God." -Dr. Larry Crabb, Inside Out

Its amazing the little things kids pick up. They are so good at spotting what is real. How sobering as a parent desiring to raise God fearing kids…thinking in the back of my head, over 18 some years they are going to see firsthand whether my relationship with God is real or not. They’ll see whether Christianity is just a moral subculture with its own unspoken codes of behavior functionally playing itself out like any other religion. A true relationship with Jesus really is tasted in the small real-time details of daily living. Action. My sons, God is real…giving his only Son so that you could have a true…living relationship with Him. He is not magic formula…spoken with only at meals, before trips, or at church. He is everywhere always…fully present whether we mentally acknowledge Him or not. So don’t be driven by the standard Chrisitan rituals and time windows on prayer; when and where and how. Just be real and authentic always in your communication with Him…that’s what prayer is…true communion with the living God. He is a real living relationship, so talk and share life with Him throughout the day like that is true.