Facade of togetherness. 6.7.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Facade of togetherness. 6.7.12

"The person who manages to deny his pain behind a facade of togetherness is dangerously vulnerable to developing compulsively sinful habits because he’s not dealing a deathblow to the wrong strategies that block his enjoyment of the Lord. The unrecognized and largely unfelt ache in his soul still demands relief. He’s ripe for being hooked when he stumbles onto something that provides a flash of excitement and a sense of fulfillment. The momentary relief of that core ache more loosely resembles the experience of joyful living than anything he’s known. It brings him closer than all his efforts to be obedient ever have." -Inside Out by Dr. Larry Crabb

The habit continues to be the master. The pursuit of the abundant, blessed life can be dangerous when viewed as fully attainable this side of heaven, for it is in and of itself an unrealistic expectation. Crucial longings and disappointments in life are not surprising and ok for the mature, aware Christian. Our power to change and deal with sinful habits that enslave us, begin with the understanding of our deep longings. Disappointment and longings being good; designed by God to lift our eyes to our heavenly home and Creator. Action. My sons, beware of our human "Christian" tendency to portray a facade of togetherness. Accept the realities of life, that like nature, our heart groans and yearns for perfect communion with God in heaven. Sinful habits try to unsuccessfully hide and numb this pain…while the mature, Godly man rests and accepts as true…the imperfections of life. He has the power to change and do battle with sin, because he knows the source of his sinful tendencies and misdirected longings. The blessed man is not perfectly put together; he hurts, struggles, deals with disappointment continually…yet he is not surprised by his groaning and instead sees it as the strategic point of entry into a deep, authentic relationship with God.