What’s God’s will? 5.25.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

What’s God’s will? 5.25.12

"God’s will for us is that we be Christlike." -Simmons, True Measure of a Man

"God, what is your will for my life?" The common question for us all. We easily default to thinking circumstantially, yet His desire above all is about the heart and character. We all have a ‘divided self’ (concept Simmons)…our public and private selves. Public self getting our life focus because it is where we are judged and measured by others…where our identity and worth is derived. Private self being hidden (or so we think)…getting no attention since not seen by others. So tragic for this is not the life God desires for his kids. He is not concerned with public accomplishments and success, his ‘will’-ful desire is the maturing of our character-that over time we reflect more and more the character traits of Jesus. That is how we need to evaluate and measure if we are being successful in life. This becomes the problem with religion, it deals little with the soul…church, bible studies, tithing are what many think it means to be a Christian. "However, true Christianity focuses on the inner life; it is all about the life of God working in the soul of man."-Simmons. Action. My sons, here is what you go hard after in life…maturation of Godly character-Being strong, showing yourself a man and obeying your God. It doesn’t matter the events of your life…in best of times or worst of times, the goal (God’s Will) is that you are always faithfully closing the gap between your current character and that of Christ. Be alarmed when you find circumstances great and character eroding-these seasons are deceptive and dangerous…for the world is singing your praises, while in God’s economy we are actually failing miserably. Remeber, never measure the condition of your soul by life’s circumstances, pursue hard the strengthening of Godly character and you will be a strong, respected, blessed man.