Common sense says steer clear. 4.11.11 & 5.15.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Common sense says steer clear. 4.11.11 & 5.15.12

I saw some naive young men, and one in particular who lacked common sense.He was crossing the street near the house of an immoral woman, strolling down the path by her house…So she seduced him with her pretty speech and enticed him with her flattery. He followed her at once, like an ox going to the slaughter. Proverbs 7: 7,8 & 21,22

Lady wisdom warns to exercise commons sense when it comes to topic of the adulterous woman. Her novel insight being quiet simple…if you don’t want to be seduced; be wise and don’t put yourself in environments where these type of women hang out. For lust is powerful and doesn’t always exercise clear logic. Many godly men, like David, have fallen victim. The naive young man was not actively in search of this woman, yet she found him. Women like this are very dangerous…they are agressive, skilled in flattery and experts at their destructive craft. Action. My sons, everywhere I look I see men falling…please know that you are never above the fall…so be wise and exercise common sense in how and where you spend your time. Women like this have been the death of many men, steer clear and live…enjoying the deep intimate relationship with your wife as God designed it; you’ll be blessed man!