People Pleasing. 5.11.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

People Pleasing. 5.11.12

An overeager personality craves an inordinate amount of feedback. Every task, no matter how small, demands a response…what the people-pleaser longs for is unending acceptance and affirmation. No person can feed that insatiable appetite. -concept from Ed Rowell, Go The Distance.

High-maintenance…needy; the nice people sin. It is amazing how misplaced our affections are and how many different ways our insecurity reveals itself. Nothing is more draining to an environment than an overeager, needy personality. Nothing is ever enough…the insatiability of this sin keeps the individual wandering from place to place, person to person…longing for that one person or environment that will fully recognize and affirm, only to realize at some point it doesn’t exist. Our need or desire for acceptance and affirmation will always out pace people’s ability to meet it… Action. My sons, in life people will always let you down for they are fellow sinners incapable of supporting the weight of being an idol. You must work to align your heart seeking to please God and not people. Be secure in who are, always in speech being gracious, authentic, and truthful with others. Don’t live to be liked, earn respect by being stable and secure, anchored in the principles of Gods Truth.