Work and a man’s character. 3.30.11 & 5.10.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Work and a man’s character. 3.30.11 & 5.10.12

"Work is one of the best educators of practical character. It evokes and disciplines obedience, self-control, attention, application, and perseverance; giving a man deftness and skill in his special calling, and aptitude and dexterity in dealing with the affairs of ordinary life." Character by Samuel Smiles

I love it…every aspect of life ordained perfectly by God. His purpose in the life of a man, is that our character would grow and be strengthened becoming more like that of Christ. It has been said that it is good for person to have things that must be done in life for it develops character traits that idleness can never develop. Things like persistence and fortitude are never a fruitful by product of the lazy. Work is a wonderful tool, designed by God for maturing and cultivating of character. Action. My son, the joy and satisfaction of a job well done is a rich blessing from God…it is found in knowing Gods purpose for work and honoring him through excellence in the task. Discover the joy and satisfaction of work and you’ll be a blessed man.