Meditation is bigger than we think. 6.17.11& 5.9.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Meditation is bigger than we think. 6.17.11& 5.9.12

"Lack of meditation is the primary reason that so many professing Christians, in spite of exposure to the most excellent teaching, still remain ignorant, unstable, and unfruitful; "ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." Instruction flows in upon them from all sides; but their hearts and minds are like sieves, out of which everything runs as fast as it is poured in. The impressions truth makes on their minds are as temporary as characters traced on the sands of the seashore, which the next wave erases forever. But mediation imprints truth deeply on the conscience, and engraves it on the tablets of ‘the inner man,’ as with a point of a diamond…It thus becomes incorporated into the soul; and forms, as it were, a part of it; and it is ever present, to regulate the heart’s affections and to control and guide all it’s movements." -Oliver Heywood, Heart Treasure

The most important thing a man must learn in life is that he is in daily need of contact with God and his Word. Knowing fully in his heart, man cannot survive on bread alone, but it is by every word of God that his soul is nourished. It is a pretty logical connection…if we don’t eat physically our body dies, same thing if we don’t nourish our soul through Gods Word our soul will die. The skill then becomes, how do we dwell on and apply that which we read daily…since it is so easily forgotten afterwards. It seems far better to read one verse that becomes implanted in the heart, then volumes of books providing knowledge that finds no home in the heart of a man. Action. My sons, above all else in life, develop the habit of spending quality time with God daily in his Word…for it will define your life. Find whatever way works best for you, but you must leave each encounter with God with something that can be applied, meditated and embedded in your heart, otherwise your time has been wasted. As day gives way to day…you will be slowly build a vast treasure chest of wisdom for life that is no longer useless head knowledge, but has become fully apart of who you are.