Dreamers and Realists. 6.28.11 & 5.7.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Dreamers and Realists. 6.28.11 & 5.7.12

A building would be impossible without the plans of an architect; it must be created mentally. The architect sees behind the plans, and sees the building in all it’s perfection and beauty. -Orison Marden

The successful completion of home requires both a great designer and a great builder. Without one or the other, one will never successfully complete the project. If it was only the builder, one would have a poorly thought out, ineffective home. If it was only the architect, the beauty of the home would only reside on paper, never being brought to fruition. This analogy speaks to a reality I feel I am seeing more and more in life and in business…The landscape being full of dreamers and realists. The down side when functioning solely as one or the other…we end up with, one that has great dreams, but is horrible on the execution…or the other which is great on the execution, but spends little time thinking through if there is a better way. Rare is the man who dreams big dreams and has the self-discipline to execute them as well. Action. My sons, strive to be the rare man that dreams big and executes well…always picturing the preferred future, while daily knowing the only way of getting there is through diligent execution.