How do we know when the Gospel is real? 5.2.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

How do we know when the Gospel is real? 5.2.12

The head to heart understanding of the Gospel will always be evidenced by repentance! (concept-Tim Maughn sermon)

How do we know in our own life when the Gospel is residing simply as head knowledge or actually present in our heart effecting our actions. Our own motives are deceiving enough, yet alone gauging and reading others. As Chrsitians we are a dangerous manipulative bunch, sharing memorized verses and prayer requests with others…fostering pious images to others. We are all guilty of it, but for long-time Christian’s…Gods Word so easily becomes head knowledge; like biology or math. We know it intellectually…but it no longer reaches our heart, continually redeeming our actions. Action. My sons, in your life and with others…remember always it is repentance that God longs to see…for sin will reside with us until our last breath. It is brokenness and repentance that gives evidence of the Gospel at work in our life. In Christian circles, don’t be nievely impressed by yourself or others who can qoute scripture on a dime…that is not the litmus test…it is repentance that gives evidence of the true condition of our heart.