Chapters of life: high school & college. 5.1.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Chapters of life: high school & college. 5.1.12

Always pray for wisdom that far exceeds your years. -ak

There is no bigger mine field in a kids life than the high school and college years. For a majority of kids are given freedoms and responsibilities that far exceed their current maturity levels. Add to that a most distorted value system…Where high degrees of value are placed on rather empty things (popularity, looks, sports, etc) while the important character traits needed to flourish in real life are pushed off hoping to be learned in next chapter of life. Action. My sons, I pray now for this season of your life…that your wisdom would far exceed your age. For in no other season of life are values more distorted and true perspective and context on life more limited than in this chapter of life. By all means savor and enjoy it, but be aware that you will make decisions and create habits that will forever bless or curse your life. Divine perspective and wisdom sees outside this bubble, giving maturity and context while in the middle of it.