Principle of sowing and reaping. 5.20.11 & 4.30.13

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Principle of sowing and reaping. 5.20.11 & 4.30.13

Every fact and process in Nature contains a moral lesson for the wise man…The man who sows wrong thoughts and deeds, and prays that God will bless him, is in the position of a farmer who, having sown tares, asks God to bring forth for him a harvest of wheat…He who would be blessed, let him scatter blessings. He who would be happy, let him consider the happiness of others. -James Allen

We humans exist in a permanent state of frustration when we desire to change behavior and actions without changing our thoughts. It is much Ike the farmer above who plants a certain type of seed, yet hoping somehow magically that it will yield a different harvest then what is being planted. We would look at that man and say he is a fool, yet every day we do the same thing in our minds wanting and desiring a blessed abundant life, yet we daily fill the garden of our mind with seeds of a different kind…wickedness and cursing, all to varying degrees. God is great in that…He tells us there is no hiding from what you harbor in your mind…you will become what you think. Action. My sons, guard your heart and mind for it is truly the wellspring of life…from it flowing all the issues of life. Make sure you are faithfully sowing the same seeds of thought that you are intending to reap in life…for you will never be able to separate the two.