Sin of sloth. 7.28.11 & 4.26.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Sin of sloth. 7.28.11 & 4.26.12

"the tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his own life, but that it bothers his less and less…" -Pascal

I have always wondered why sloth was always identified as one of the seven deadly sins, for I never thought it held the same danger as the others. Come to find out as, Os Guinness describes, at it’s core it is a most cursed condition, one of spiritual dejection that has given up the pursuit of God…an inner despair at the worthwhileness of life resulting in an attitude of "who cares." Sloth provides the ultimate curse for man…a meaningless existence. Action. My sons, knowing and pursuing God while taking responsibility for His intended purposes in every detail of your life, is the key to avoiding a slothful, existence. The world around you will continue to care less and less about the meaning of their existence…masking their pain by filling their days with busyness and distractions doing anything they can to keep their minds from thinking about how miserable and lost they are.