Enjoy each chapter 4.26.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Enjoy each chapter 4.26.12

Don’t long for "the good old days."

This is not wise. (Ecclesiastes 7:10 NLT)

Not everyone in life transitions well between the chapters of life. For its easy to get stuck…longing for the ‘good old days’. Friends that can’t move beyond the high school years…longing for the good old days. Newly marrieds not moving beyond their lives as singles…Parents with young kids wishing for the days when it was just the two of them…Empty nesters not transitioning well as kids move out of the house; all struggling to transition to next chapter of life thinking the joys of the past are better than the joys ahead. Action. My sons, life is hard and mentally can become easy to get stuck, but you must transition well. Be fully present in the current chapter you’re in searching out and savoring the unique joyful moments that come with each, while welcoming the added responsibilities. Your character and maturity as a man will grow stronger. Know that God designed each chapter having its own unique blessings and memories…(so funny, literally as I am typing this…little man Austin-you give me a hug good morning…and all I can think is "oh, how I am going to miss these innocent little hugs.")…how ironic; so easy to get stuck in these moments…but we must remind ourselves daily; many are the present joys of the moment that must be lived fully, but not to forget…great too are joys in the chapters to come, so we must transition well!