There are no ordinary things. 7.31.11 & 4.6.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

There are no ordinary things. 7.31.11 & 4.6.12

"There are no ordinary things…A row of cabbages, a farmyard cat, a wrinkled motherly face, a tiled roof, a single sentence in a book–each fragments of sunlight break through dark wood, so parts of creation seen for what they are act as ‘patches of Godlight’ in the world. " C.S. Lewis, Letters to Malcolm

The art and skill of blessed living hinges greatly upon ones ability to see God in all the ordinary details of life while receiving each with a thankful heart. We long for the mountain top experiences in life, yet we forget life is defined by the routine events of the valley. The man that sees God in all things…has redeemed his life so that there exist no ordinary things. All things, no matter how mundane, bring joy and shed new light on their infinite Creator. Action. My sons, blessed, abundant living is tied directly to how much of God you see in the routine details of your life. So…if you desire to grow in your enjoyment of life…cultivate prayerfully a mind that works to see more of God and give more thanks in and for all things. This is the type of man you should long to be…for this type of man will taste and experience the truly abundant life God offers to his kids.