Sin on envy. 7.27.11 & 3.4.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Sin on envy. 7.27.11 & 3.4.12

"…we are always most vulnerable to envying those closet to our own gifts and callings." -Os Guinness

Why is it that the sin of envy lurks and hides itself in the shadows of a man’s calling. Envy being almost inescapable because calling is where giftedness and desire come together. The area of a man’s calling…Can so easily become an idol. And more so than anything envy is the great revealer of this idol…for envy festers in the heart but evidences itself much in man’s speech. For his speech discounts, downplays, and speaks negatively about another man’s successes in same area of calling and desire. Professors envy professors. Athletes envy athletes. Business guys envy businesses guys. Pastors envy pastors. Action. My sons wherever you excel in life, envy will be lurking in the shadows, resist and remove it immediately from your heart for a redeemed response acts contrary, encouraging instead of discouraging, building up instead of tearing down.