Where is rest and peace found? 3.13.11 & 3.3.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Where is rest and peace found? 3.13.11 & 3.3.12

"the proud and covetous man never have rest, but the meek man and the poor in spirit live in great abundance of rest and peace." Thomas Kempis

Pride and covetousness will not allow for rest and peace, for by it’s very nature is restlist, always defending, protecting and hoarding. The poor in spirit are comfortable in their own skin, having nothing to prove or to gain…they are truly at peace. They know who they are in Christ and that is sufficient. Rest and peace is a heart condition right before God, not a vacation or nap put on the schedule. Action, my sons…rest and peace is found in a broken and contrite spirit, pride and covetousness is present in us all, pulling us in the opposite direction of peace and blessing…pursue authentic humility and you’ll be blessed.