Life follows our aim. 4.2.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Life follows our aim. 4.2.12

"…life always follows the aim; we always take the direction of the life purpose."

What is our aim in life? What is the thing we wake up each day and set our focus and aim on? For we must have something…right? A man without aim or purpose is forever lost…stuck wandering thru life. It seems we shy away from establishing goals and the defining of purpose in the various areas of life for we hate falling short. Better to aim at nothing, hitting it everytime; then daily falling short of achieving the goal. A godly man realizes man is fallen and perfection is not attainable this side of heaven. He is not deterred, realizing the secret lies in the presence of aim (purpose), each day being off a little here and there but being far closer than if the aim did not exist. Action. My sons, know Gods purposes and design in the various areas of your life. Understand what He asks of a faithful steward waking up each day making that your aim. Don’t be discouraged when you find yourself missing the perfect execution of your goals each day…keep aiming…never stop aiming. Victory lies in the presence of purpose and aim, for it will always cast the direction of our thoughts and actions in life.