Todays habits define tomorrow. 2.10.11 & 3.28.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Todays habits define tomorrow. 2.10.11 & 3.28.12

"you cannot be tomorrow, what you do not do today." John Maxwell

Dreams and visions for a preferred future are as common to mankind as the air we breathe. Yet the fact that they are there can deceive one into thinking they are well on their way to becoming a reality. The rolling tomorrow is common to man, each telling themselves tomorrow will be different, while each passing day further hardens the cement of their unintended future. The rarity in life is the man who takes a God given desire or passion, breaks it down and begins taking daily steps in that preferred direction. Each day, day after day, staying the course…weathering good and bads, pleasant circumstances and not so pleasant circumstances…knowing that all he can control is his actions today…and a lot of today’s when added together amount to a lot. Action. My sons, the man you will become will be determined by your daily agenda…cultivate and master your daily habits…contentment, satisfaction, joy, and blessings are found in the mastery of today. Master today and you will be a man who properly leads family and others into a preferred God honoring future.