Actions are the visible fruit of the heart. 12.7.10 & 3.26.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Actions are the visible fruit of the heart. 12.7.10 & 3.26.12

Young people eventually reveal by their actions

if their motives are on the up and up.

Drinking from the Chalice of Knowledge. Proverbs 20:11

Motives are always hard to understand and judge. The greatest evidence of the heart condition and thought-life is a persons actions…for they are the exact fruit of the seeds of thought that have been planted over time. Much like the expression, ‘what is done in private will eventually be shouted on roof tops’…what is done in the privacy of our minds we think is hidden, but in reality is showing itself daily in our actions for the whole world to see. Action. My sons, talking is easy…give little weight to a persons words, but instead wait patiently for their actions to reveal the direction of their heart. Desire to be a man who displays an obedient heart by your actions…knowing they are tied directly to obedient thoughts.