Mockers and Know-it-alls. 3.20.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Mockers and Know-it-alls. 3.20.12

Mockers hate to be corrected,

so they stay away from the wise. (Proverbs 15:12 NLT)

Know-it-alls don’t like being told what to do; they avoid the company of wise men and women. (Proverbs 15:12 MSG)

Mockers and Know-it-alls lives are characterized by always abstaining from good, wise company in life. The arrogant attitude of their heart forever keeping them from being around others who challenge and foster growth. Guys like this are easy to spot, for they are always alone…going about daily life without any sense of need for others. Their messages of contempt are not always blatant, many times masking a know-it-all spirit with; I’m too busy…I have more important things to do… other’s successes offend me…and many more; all functional wedges driving the man away from good, wise company. Action. My sons, in life find the best, wisest, "so much more advanced than you" type people and surround yourself with them, seek them out, understand how they think, welcoming their challenges and critique. For this man is blessed, for he has is no ceiling in life…forever growing, because of his heart for wisdom. For the mocker and know-it-all life is cursed, permanently and forever capped in it’s current state…in capable of future growth.