Seasons of life. 6.18.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Seasons of life. 6.18.11

"In the autumn, when the fruit and leaves are blown off, still there is sap in the root: when there is autumn upon our external felicity, the leaves of our estate drop off, still there is the sap of contentment in the heart: a Christian hath life inwardly, when outward comforts do not blossom." -Thomas Watson

There is such great potential for life changing blessing in this simple truth. The blessed, abundant life Christ offers is fully…100% an inward condition of the heart. The more a mature man realizes this and strives diligently to make it more and more real in their life…the less and less the seasons of life will affect their blessed state. Working towards, yet never fully reaching the ultimate goal of a blessed life that rotates completely free and independent from life’s circumstances, both good and bad alike. Action. My sons, notice that life, like the tree above, has its seasons…so don’t be discouraged out-of-season when outward comforts aren’t blossoming…yet also and more importantly, don’t be deceived into false hope when in-season, fruit is abounding everywhere. Both are deceptions, taking our attention off the condition of our heart, where our focus fully should be. Foolish is the man who builds his life around outward comforts, yet wise and blessed is man who builds his life in the heart where it can never be lost or stolen away. Trust me my sons, make contentment your life long pursuit and your lives will always blossom no matter comes your way.